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It’s been a year and I still feel so new to this city.

Most of my last 11 months in Bombay, I spent battling the maddening rush of vehicles everyday; and trying out all the regular things a new Bombaikar does. But waving back to Amitabh Bachchan on a Sunday at 6 in the evening still tops my what’s-left-to-do list. Nightout by the marine drive, walking back home at 2 in the night, the bachelor’s sweet chilli ice-cream, drooling over the sight of a celebrity that you saw on TV sometime in life – I have put a check against all of this. But everytime I walk out of my cute little nest in a cozy corner of this city, I am left amazed how endlessly fascinating it is!

This is an honest attempt to share some exciting stories about food, fun, frolic and fantasy that this city showcases. By ways of introduction, I am a regular small town girl (yes, I still am!) with a superhero degree from one on the oldest IITs this country has seen. A few months back I figured why work for someone else and broke out of my not so happy relationship with my employer. And now I do everything I love, without caring what others (including you) think.

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So get on board if you are up for a very different tour of ‘Bombay’ not the city, but the dream!