6 Things that get better with age.

Envoged's Luxe Editorial

While ageing has a negative impact on a lot of things, including people, it is perceived not so optimistically by many. Despite the regular perceptions and effects, there are few things on which the regular norms of aging don’t apply. Below are some such wonders…

Alcohol – Wine and scotch are two types of alcohol that get better with age given that they are stored in barrels from where they obtain their flavour. These are those heavenly nectars that have to age to add great taste and value. All wine and scotch aficionados will agree to this one.

old-aged-wine-1024x640.jpgBooks – First editions, special editions and exclusive prints always hold immense value not just historically but also monetarily. Like the copy of First Folio of Shakespeare’s plays, printed in 1623 which currently is valued at a whopping $ 6 Million!

27ARTSBRIEF3-tmagArticle.jpgLuxury – A gown created by Elsa Schiaparelli is the most desired among collectors which…

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