Getting around, Mixing up.

My theory says, the types of people living in a city depend on the many different modes they use to travel around it. Sounds bizarre? Let me explain you how.

Mumbai is a merry city. People here travel in trains, two wheelers, three wheelers, BMWs, some also have three helipads on the roof of their world’s most expensive houses. Yes, there’s contrasting diversity of life & travel style all over. And exactly that defines the people here.

Some people don’t remember how many BMWs they own. 


They don’t remember a lot of other things. They forget that these luxury vehicles are meant to be driven on the roads and not footpaths. Some are too coward to admit that they drove over and killed a couple of living men sleeping there. And it’s so easy for them to get away with absolutely anything. Despite everything, they are adored by the masses; they are superheroes so on top of the pyramid, no-one can touch them. In fact, most of the other people live, just to reach here. These people are driven by luxuries & comforts of life, limelight, paparazzi and a lot of travel.

Many enjoy auto-rickshaws and cabs. 


Some of them have a car too, which is a very integral part of their lives. It’s so dear to them, it might even have a name; its like family. Family, which is the most important part of their lives. They live, eat, see cities & towns all because of the place they hold or want to hold in the eyes of their families & friends. They follow their superheroes, their styles, and live to one day magically turn into that one person they adore & follow. These people are driven by ambitions they have for themselves & dreams their families see, aspirations to reach the top & hope to travel around the world.

Most run & catch trains.


They wake up, tuck in, rush out for the overwhelming ride each day. Struggling hard for a ‘seat’ somewhere in a cranny, they are the ones who see and the enjoy the wind – hot or cold, summer or old. They dream big, while they move around the city. They believe in destiny, magic, superstitions, superheroes. They like to believe in everything slightly magical that they can put in their thoughts while going back home from work. These are the people driven by love, hope, basic needs of life & lots & lots of travel.

It’s for you to decide now, where you fall, fully or partially. Where you want to fall and why? And exactly this question drives this city of ‘dreams’ crazy each day.