Best Pizzas in Powai

I don’t want to start off saying that I have been hibernating for quite some time now, but now since I am on that note, well yeah, whatever! Sorry for the boring opening.

Powai has been a very dear part of my Bombay stay, and pizzas, likewise. I love Pizzas, I love trying all the different places where they serve good Pizzas. So let’s talk about Pizzas in Powai today.

Everyone who has been to Powai, knows that its a cute town in the city, green, geeky, young, peaceful part of Mumbai. And we all love it for what it is. I have explored many Pizza options around and my personal favourite is Pizza Express! Hands down! Here’s a list, however, since you will never stop trying Pizzas everywhere.

  1. Pollo Forza at Pizza Express is a must have! 

pollo forza

If you’re a fan of freshly baked thin crusts, chicken, just the right spices, garlic chilli oil and flavors from around the world – this is what you MUST go for. It will freshen your mood, especially paired with the pleasurable ambience and if you like it that way, probably a glass of your favorite wine. Perfect for all those days that you need a getaway after a long and tiring day at work.

2. Aromas


Strangely enough, the second best Pizza in Powai I had was at Aromas – its the chilli garlic chicken pizza they serve. Again, thin crust (not sure if its freshly baked). Probably because it tastes very different, I like the flavour, its thin crust and there’s chicken. A late Sunday brunch or when you are just hanging out. Worth a try, definitely!

3. Pizza Hut 


I have not been a fan, but they have been doing a great job these days! Someone like me even enjoyed a veg Pizza at Pizza Hut once! And trust me I am a pure carnivore when it comes to Pizzas. I HATE veg Pizzas, I don’t get the point. I tasted one of their overloaded Big Pizzas recently and I loved it! As long as that’s their on the menu cards, its economical and its yum!

I promise to keep improving this list.

And that’s all, I don’t like Dominos, no Papa John’s these days too! There’s this really cool place Sorriso that I love. I will tell you about it some time, not today.

I’ve eaten Pizzas almost everywhere in Powai now, so drop in a comment or a query if you want to know anything more!

SO. <Signing Off>